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cam lock parsons table


reclaimed work surface (painted plywood), hand lacquered domestic poplar, nickel plated steel, custom patina

38"h x 21"d x 50"w

This one-of-a-kind piece utilizes our unique cam lock hardware to create a take on the classic parsons table form. The heavily textured and worn top surface made from a discarded work table, just one of many we have salvaged from craftsmen workshops and small manufacturing businesses here in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where our studio is located.

30% of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will be divided evenly between 3 organizations engaged in vitally important work in our world. These organizations are listed below with links to each of their websites.
The Florence Project ($450)
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence ($450)
Earth Justice ($450)
Documentation of each donation will be supplied as part of this sale.

We envision this piece being a wonderful addition to a entrance hall, den, or bedroom where an accent is desired. The surface is rough so therefor would not be ideal in a kitchen or where frequent cleaning is needed. The dimensions too will determine much about where this piece will be suitable. Keep in mind, though not a delicate object, this piece is not intended for rough use or for use in heavily trafficked areas, or hard-use situations, such as a children's play room. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding use, size, proportions, finishes, customization, etc before purchasing.

In this table a 2.5" diameter steel cam interfaces with a perfectly mating pocket cut into each of the poplar legs. The connection is made by attaching the provided brass lever handle, and actuating the cam in the downward direction just until it touches the face of the leg. The lever is then unscrewed, and the next leg is connected. Each leg takes one minute to attach. If the table is assembled upside down, which is recommended in most cases, the lever is pulled upward instead of pushed downward, resulting in the same positive lock either way.

These cam lock system furnishings utilize our unique hand-fabricated hardware. In development since 2010 the cam lock series allows a user to quickly and easily assemble each piece without specialized training. For more information on the cam lock series - [email protected]